Goodbye College

by Cellar Smellar

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These songs were written between sophomore and senior year. All recordings were finished in the week following final exams.


released May 20, 2015

Recording/Mixing Engineer: Cameron Boucher
Mastering Engineer: Jason Principi
Location: Hartt School Recording Studios

So much thanks to Cam for recording this album for us. It was such a pleasure working with you and amazing to see it come together so quickly.



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Cellar Smellar Bloomfield, Connecticut

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Track Name: Chill Out
Chill out it's all inside your head,
You were foolish when you said,
I'd rather be dead

Step back,
Take a look around and just breathe,
Now your begging at me please,
I'd rather be dead

You're tired,
You're tired of this shit

(all x2)
Track Name: Be Alive
Tired and alone,
I tried to find a home,
In something I could not see,
They say maybe when you grow old,
You can buy the things you like,
When will I ever see?,
Where am I going and who am I going to be?

I was born into this world,
that was made to hold me back,
how do I make it through without slipping through the cracks?
Where am I going and who am I going to be?

Be alive,
You know I want to,
You know I've got to,
Be alive
Track Name: Waste of Space
A waste of space,
a waste of time,
I spent my life,
In the same damn place

I tried

More sleepless nights,
more haunted dreams,
I let this stress,
Get the best of me,

I tried
Track Name: Stuck in Time
I've been stuck here since a long time ago,
Days weeks and months go by, but in my head it feels so slow

I walked up to talk to you, but suddenly I froze (oh no),
If the seeds are never planted, the garden never grows
Track Name: Can I Stand It?
Sittin' at home,
thinking about how I'm gonna grow up,
All about life and what's ahead of me,
will I get rich and sell out?
Will I give my life, to things I believe?

Sitting back thinking how it almost seems,
as if until this point,
I didn't even know me,
now I've found my place,
and my reason,
to live my life,
ever so thankfully

I went swimming in my mind,
wasting all my precious time,
when it's all on the line,
can I stand it? will I stand it?